Orfi: Writings

Book chapterAndersson A-P., Cappelen, B.Musical Interaction for Health Improvement, Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio, Collins, K., Kapralos, B., Tessler, H. (eds.), Oxford University PressOct-12
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ArticleCappelen, B., Andersson A-P.Musicking Tangibles for Empowerment, ICCHP 2012 -13th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, p. 248-255, Linz, ISBN 978-3-642-31521-3Jul-12
PaperCappelen, B., Andersson A-P.,Design for Co-creation with Interactive Montage, Proceedings, Nordes 2011, Nordic Design Research Conference, OsloMay-11
PaperCappelen, B., Andersson A-P.,Expanding the role of the instrument, Proceedings, NIME2011, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, OsloMay-11
PaperCappelen, B., Andersson A-P.,Co-created Staging - Situating Installations, Proceedings, IMAC2011, Interactive Media Arts Conference, Re-new, IT-University, CopenhagenMay-11
PaperAndersson A-P., Cappelen, B.Same But Different, Composing for Interactivity, Proceedings, AudioMostly08, A Conference on Interaction with Sound, PiteåOct-08
PaperAndersson A-P., Cappelen, B., Olofsson, F.Distributed Music Technology, Musikkteknologidagene 2008, BEK and Griegakademiet in Bergen, NorwaySep-08
PaperAndersson A-P., Cappelen, B., Olofsson, F.When the Audience Composes -creating interactive music, 15th Nordic Musicological Congress 2008 in Oslo, NorwayAug-08
PaperCappelen, AnderssonTo Challenge Textile with Music, Proceedings, Ambience 08Jun-08
ArticleLarsson, Anna-KarinMusicalFieldsForever presenterar Orfi, Art's Birthday Party, Museum of Modern Art and the Swedish RadioJan-08
ArticleDanielsson, StefanLjudligt kan vara ljuvligt, Impuls, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, no.7, vol.41, Nov 2007Nov-07
ArticleEk, PerKuddkrig för framtidens kommunikation, Sydsvenskan, 10 Oct 2007Oct-07

Orfi: Sound clips

TVHofseth, AndersMusikalske Møbler, ORFI MusicalFieldsForever at NIME 2011, NRK betaJun-11
MP3Andersson, Anders-Parvo genre - recording from user interactionMar-08
MP3Andersson, Anders-Parvo genre - recording from user interactionMar-08
MP3Olofsson, Fredrikmini genre - recording from user interactionMar-08
MP3Andersson, Anders-Ptati genre - recording from user interactionMar-08