Wave: System description

Wave Carpet is a 7-branched carpet. It is connected to an external computer and the power net, and therefore includes many input and output devices and offers many new cross-media interaction possibilities. Further it opens up for many future expansion possibilities. The software is developed in SuperCollider, with dynamic graphics in Processing.


The Wave Carpet includes the following input and output devices:

  • 6 Infrared-sensors with light response in a bubble shaped field
  • Microphone with light response in one arm
  • Camera with light response in another arm
  • Pico Projector in a third arm
  • 2 Bend sensors with light in two separate arms
  • 2 Accelerometer sensors with light in two separate arms
  • Sound vibration element (Visaton)
  • 2 Speakers
  • LEDs included in the orange burnt out velvet textile

Additionally Wave Carpet includes the following technology:

  • Arduino Mega and a custom shield
  • Arduino software for controlling the input and output
  • 2 Amplifiers
  • Mini Mac
  • SuperCollider as sound software
  • Processing as video and graphical software

For further technical description and drawings contact MusicalFieldsForever.


Glowing response to singing in the microphone


The interactive glowing bubble shaped field