Nov 21-23 MFF presents and organises the Speducult Conference, in the Nordplus Horizontal Network at AHO, Oslo
Nov 15-16 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the EHIN Conference at Oslo Spectrum, Research Council of Norway
Oct 17 MFF guest lectures on Interactive Music for Health at KMH's Higher Seminar for Research, Stockholm
Sep 30 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the Cultural Rucksack at Frydenlund School, Arts Council Norway
Sep 28 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the Cultural Rucksack at Jessheim School, Arts Council Norway
Sep 26 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the Cultural Rucksack at Sandvika High School, Arts Council Norway
Sep 22-23 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the Cultural Rucksack at Skåningsrud School, Arts Council Norway
Oct 4-6 MFF awarded best paper presentation, Audio Mostly Conference, Linköping University, RISE Interactive, Norrköping
Aug 21-24 MFF presents paper at the Universal Design Conference, York University
Mar 10 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the Cultural Rucksack at Sofiemyr, Arts Council Norway
Mar 8-9 MFF exhibits Polly World, at the Cultural Rucksack at Haug, Arts Council Norway
Feb 8 MFF workshops and lectures on Interactive Sensorial Textile Experiences at KHiO in Oslo
Nov 18 MFF exhibits Polly, at Kristianstad University
Aug 5 MFF presents 2 papers at the 8th Nordic Music Therapy Congress, NMH, Norway
May 29 MFF exhibits Polly World, at Arts Council Norway/DKS
Apr 14-17 MFF exhibits Polly World, at HiOA
Apr 17 MFF presents 3 papers at the Conference for Aesthetics for Children with Special Needs, HiOA
Dec 10 MFF book release, Music, Health, Technology and Design Book Series from Centre for Music and Health, The Norwegian Academy of Music
Sep 25 MFF keynote speaker at the Nordic Snoezelen Conference, in Snekkersten, Denmark
Jul 4 MFF exhibits Reflect at International Conference on New Interfaces For Musical Expression (NIME), in London: Goldsmith, University of London
Jun 16 MFF pilot tests Polly World The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Oslo
Nov 9 MFF keynote speaker at Music for All, in Helsinki
Jul 2 MFF presents 2 papers at Include Asia, in Hong Kong
May 28 MFF presents paper at NIME2013, in Korea
Oct 26 MFF member A-P Andersson defends PhD thesis , at University of Gothenburg
Oct 24 MFF presents paper at Music Technology Days, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo
Sep 14 MFF exhibits interactive installation Reflect at MusicMakers, Prince Charles, Berlin
Aug 2-9 MFF development workshop IV, Baldringe, Sweden
Jul 16-20 MFF development workshop III, Baldringe, Sweden
Jul 13 MFF presents paper at ICCHP'12 conference, Linz, Austria
Jun 15 MFF holds interactive musicking things design workshop at NMTC'12 conference, Jyväskylä, Finland
Jun 11-13 MFF presents paper and poster at UD'12 conference, Oslo, Norway
May 30 MFF exhibits Wave and, ORFI at Haug School and Resource Centre, Bärum, Norway
Mar 3-23 MFF tests new Musicking Tangibles in the research project RHYME in Oslo, Norway
Nov 28-30 MFF presents paper at Ambience'11 conference, Borås, Sweden
Nov 4 MFF music interaction and e-textile workshop exhibition, AHO/KhiO, Oslo, Norway
Aug 6-25 MFF development workshop II, Baldringe, Sweden
Jul 1-8 MFF development workshop I, Baldringe, Sweden
May 30-Jun 1 MFF presents paper and exhibits, ORFI, NIME2011, Oslo, Norway
May 29-31 MFF presents paper, Nordes2011, Helsinki, Finland
May 17-19 MFF presents paper, IMAC2011 Re-new festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
Feb 1 MFF project start, 2011-2015, NMH, UIO and AHO, Oslo, Norway
Oct 11-22 MFF workshop, e-textiles, KhiO and AHO, Oslo, Norway
Sep 23-25 MFF presents, paper at conference SoundActs, Aarhus University, Denmark
Jun 14-18 MFF sound furniture workshop, NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, Italy
30 apr MFF gets funding, as part of the RHYME project, from the Norwegian Research Council
Sep 28-30 MFF exhibition, ISCM world new music days, Växjö, Sweden
Aug 30-Sep 1 MFF exhibition, Nordes 09, Oslo, Norway
Jun 24-26 MFF exhibition and poster, pHealth 2009, Oslo, Norway
Jun 7-11 MFF music furniture workshop, NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, Italy
Feb 13-14 MFF workshop and exhibits, konst med alla sinnen, Stockholm
Feb 6-7 MFF workshop and exhibits, konst med alla sinnen, Stockholm
Dec 12 MFF presents at Kristianstad University, Sweden
Oct 22-23 MFF presents paper at Audiomostly 2008 at Interactive Institute in Piteå, Sweden
Sep 26-27 MFF exhibits Orfi-voxx at COMA-festival in Växjö, Sweden
Sep 19-24 MFF exhibits Orfi-voxx at Ogaki biennale in Japan
Sep 10-11 MFF presents Orfi-voxx at Musikkteknologidagene 2008 at BEK and Griegakademiet in Bergen, Norway
Aug 5-8 MFF presents paper at 15th Nordic Musicological Congress 2008 in Oslo, Norway
Jun 2-3 MFF presents paper at Ambience08 in Borås, Sweden
May 24 MFF exhibits Orfi-voxx at Half Machine in Copenhagen, Denmark
May 9 MFF exhibits Orfi-voxx at m12 in Berlin, Germany
Apr 24 MFF presents Orfi at Department of Culture, Media and Aesthetics, Göteborg University, Sweden
Feb 7 MFF presents Orfi at pre ICMC09, Växjö, Sweden
Jan 17 MFF exhibits Orfi at Art's Birthday, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
Nov 26 MFF presents Orfi and Vinings at Conference on Musical Meaning, Esbjerg University, Denmark
Oct 17 MFF exhibits Vinings and Orfi at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center in Lund, Sweden
Sep 17-Oct 2 MFF exhibits Strainings and Unfoldings at DOGA - Norwegian center for design and architecture, Oslo. Part of ERA'05
Jun 4 launch website
Jun 3-Aug 14 MFF exhibits Strainings at Play It Again / Designåret 2005. Produced by Helsingborgs Stad / H05
Feb 19-25 MFF exhibits TigerTales, Hässleholms kulturhus
Jul 3-Aug 29 MFF exhibits Strainings at Neon gallery, Brösarp. Part of Play it again
Jan 23-Mar 21 MFF exhibits Unfoldings and MuFi at 'the Digital Bauhaus', Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark
Jun 27-Aug 3 MFF exhibits Unfoldings at Rooseum - Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö, Sweden
Jun 18-24 MFF exhibits Unfoldings at Cybersonica'03, the Deluxe gallery/Institute of Contemporary Art, London
Feb 17-22 MFF exhibits Unfoldings at Stockholm New Music Festival, House of Culture, Stockholm
Aug 4-7 MFF exhibits MuFi at Kulturmanegen, Malmö Festival, Sweden
Jun 4-7 MFF exhibits MuFi atCybersonica'02, Global Café/Institute of Contemporary Art, London
Feb MFF exhibits MuFi at Open House, Interactive Institute, Stockholm
Sep 22-24 MFF presents paper on Do-Be-DJ at Virtual Soundscapes Symposia, Skövde, Sweden
Aug 24 MFF exhibits Do-Be-DJ, open-air, interactive installation in the Augustenborg park, Malmö, Sweden